Getting Feedback

Jason Fried in a podcast with Jeffrey Zeldman:

The best testing I’ve ever seen is shipping something to real people who use it daily, every single day and depend on it. And charging people for it. And they’re the ones who are going to give you feedback.

I hear this from people all the time: “how do you get customers to pay for something?” I say you charge them for your product. When people pay for something, they tell you what they think. They’re not just entitled to it, they’re now invested in this thing. They’re going to be honest with you. When you give stuff away for free, people will be like “oh yeah, it’s cool. Its awesome” they dont care as much. So, you don’t get good feedback.


I think the best way to get feedback to improve something is to ship something, charge for it, iterate in the wild and make it better over time. Thats how things get great. Things don’t get great in the lab.

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