I’ve been a happy camper since I moved to a mac. Most apps on the mac are awesome. But the notes app on the mac has been bothering me. It’s simplicity taken to an absurd level. I’ve tried many note taking Apps: Evernote, Mac Notes, Quip, Google Drive, Word, Pages etc. Nothing satisfactory. My manager quipped that he saw me using three notes apps in a three day conference. 

I think that is all going to change. The same Microsoft that I was happy to ignore, has launched One Note for the mac. And it syncs to the cloud. They also have clients for the iPhone and iPad. All this for free. The feature set is limited, but OneNote is by far the best interface for note taking.

One annoying thing is that there is less smartness across the board. For ex: If I’m able to create a To-Do list, I want a fully functional todo list. Not a simple checkbox next to my text. But these are enhancements that could me applied on top of a simple app.

Talking of enhancements, Microsoft also released a api for OneNote. This means if you want it, you can build it. The sad part is, there is only one api. And that is the create a new page in OneNote. There is no way to get data out of the system. I hope Microsoft solves it and gives us the comfort to trust that they won’t kill it.