I’m Awesome

I solved a painful reverse engineering problem working 12-14 hours a
day for a week. I feel kinda awesome and proud of how smart I am. For
a minute. Then reality and experience kicked in. Every time i???ve felt
such pride in the past, there is another problem around the corner
waiting to bring me on my knees. I realize that there are so many
hidden factors to the success, such as
– Experience with similar problems in the past
– Colleague???s picking ur brain
– People willing to help strangers a.k.a the Internet.

Sometimes we also use the corollary of this idea to assume others are
stupid because they can???t fix something. Most of the time they lack
some/all of the above.
So this time I will not succumb to the short lived pleasure; I mean
I???ll shut up. Goodnight y’all.

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