I own you, tree.

Dave Winer:
“Our lives are so short, how could we seriously think of owning something. I once owned a few acres of land that had some old trees on it. I sat under one of the trees on a lovely afternoon, and thought of the tree “I own you.” The tree formed a thought that somehow I could tune into. “I was here long before you were born and I will be here long after you die.” I didn’t see it exactly as a response to my claim of ownership. But it sure did put things in perspective! “


Peanut Butter wisdom

groupism is fundamental. dont ignore it or hide it or sugar coat it. Acknowledging that we ourselves are susceptible to it is the first step. 

organic peanut butter – seperation is natural. 

hindu, muslim, christian. Community seperation is natural. The best way to fix this is to be aware that each one of 

War is hell

Call of Apathy: Violent Young Men and Our Place in War

A friend of mine came under fire inside a compound. He followed up the shooter, who disappeared into an escape tunnel. My friend followed standard procedure and threw a grenade into the tunnel entrance before following up. When entering the tunnel, he found only the bodies of a woman and a small child, whom the terrorist had used to cover his escape.

When I spoke about it to my friend years later, he recalled how pissed he was at losing the insurgent, and how bad he felt afterwards about it. He’d had his professional pride tarnished. I asked him if he ever thought about the woman and her kid and he just looked at me blankly.

He didn’t even remember they were there.

Our conditioning about war leads us to believe everything about war is pride, sacrifice and glory. The other side of war is, it cultivates ruthlessness, cruelity and apathy in the men who are part of it. 

Reference: Stanford prison experiment. Documentary  Wikipedia