The FIFO problem at Path

We all have way too many connections online nowadays, and our connections from the past linger on, even when you have never met for decades. Sometimes we want those connections.Sometimes. But mostly, the priority is lower than the fresher connections.

Quiz: Is there an app where I can have just my closest friends?

Answer: Path. [To those who’ve never used it, Path is a social sharing service for your close friends and family. There is a limit for the number of friends you can have there.150. The app is damn beautiful! ]

Evaluation: Wrong! to know why, read on..

Path, doesn’t solve that problem. It feels like they do, since they limit the number of friends, but they don’t. Why do I say that. Though there is a cap on the number of friends, it is the first 150 that get into your list, not the best 150. See the problem? We need the capability to curate the list to keep the top 150.

Lets say, I’ve accepted 150 top connections in Path. Now, a really close friend sends me a request. What do I do? Here, Path could analyze my interactions with friends, and give me suggestions on who to remove based on their inactivity or fewer conversations between us. Should I now remove someone who currently shares with me and add my best friend? That would be harsh to the other person who still wants sharing with me.

Do we have to stick to the number 150 just because some social scientist came up with the number? 

Limiting the number seems to be a good idea to maintain sanity, but it isn’t. 

This post is based on the current state of Path [as of Jan’12] and other competing services like, Google+ & Facebook. I’m very hopeful that Dave Morin and his team would crack it. Or Google+ would. May be.

I’m thinking of a solution. Will post it once I crystalize the idea.

p.s Btw, your Path friends get to know when you visit their profile. Not for stalkers.