Apple’s TV

So the rumor mill on a new Apple TV has started spinning new stories quoting Steve “I’ve finally cracked it” from his biography.

This is what I think.

The iPhone, considered the most revolutionary device of our time was not pulled out of a magic hat. The iPhone was built on the iPod & iTunes’s success. Apple had gone mainstream and their music business was doing well. Combining this product with a phone gave Apple the leverage.

The iPad that came out in 2010 was not a rabbit out of the hat either. It had a solid OS and hundreds of thousands of apps that would work on the new device instantly. iPad relied in the pervasiveness of the iPhone.

Putting these two together, I’d suggest that the iPod is the most daring risk Apple has ever taken. 

Now onto Apple’s TV. This is purely a prediction. Lets see how I fare.

Apple TV will be built into the television. Duh! As if we all dont know this. The success of Apple’s TV will rely heavily on how it will be used, in other words, the controller for the TV. And that is the iPad. Airplay and iPad will form the core of the Apple TV experience. There wouldn’t be a remote. Its all over the Air from an iPhone or an iPad. Though an iPhone could do it, its not necessarily a home product. Its a personal product that cannot be shared between people. Its the iPad. Apple’s TV would rely on the iPad so much, that we wont see an Apple TV untill the iPad become ubiquitous. And that might not be too far into the future.

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