Seven day workweek

I think the whole concept of 5 working days and 2 days off work should be rethought.


We should be working 7 days a week. Stores should be open 7 days a week. Factories should run 7 days a week..  you get the point.

But why?

The whole concept of 9.00 to 5.00, 5 days a week came into place due to industrial revolution. Factories could get only so much power and they organized people around it for efficiency. The school system was also designed around it has to fit in when the parents went to work.



Spreading our workweek to 7 days gives us time to stretch throughout the week.. the idea is not to work more… its to work less. Working just 6 hrs a day wont feel like work at all and will give plenty of time to kick.




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