The Downfall of Professionalism

Most businesses operate to solve fundamental needs and inefficiencies in the society. 

Restaurants solve the need for people to meet and eat;

Newspapers solved the problem of spreading news to the people in the community.

Creative Advertising Agencies create Ads for companies who lack the time and expertise.


Now what if people can connect with someone who can cook? What if the Internet solves the communication problem [It already is sucking the soul out of print media]. Also, don’t miss noticing the crowdsourced creative work. Tim Ferriss, a NYT bestseller author, requested his fans on his blog to come up with creative ads for his upcoming book. Who lost his advertising business?

The rise of Internet as a social platform with huge People base [Facebook], Knowledge base [Wikipedia] and open source contributions [Creative Commons] will dramatically reshape these businesses. This will mean a slow-near-death to a lot of professional work.

The only way to survive is to learn to do what a group of people with the world’s knowledge and instant sharing and communicating capabilities can’t do. I can’t think of many such professions. You lucky doctors.

This post is an effect of reading the book “Here Comes Everybody” and a 15 minute thought in the shower.. will be continued with comprehensive thoughts. Please think about it and add your thoughts.


Pursuit of Power

Power should be pursued for gaining leverage to accomplish something.

Gaining power itself is not an accomplishment.

Power as a reason for pursuit is self destructive.