Apple and Google

I own a Macbook pro and an iPod touch and an iPod Classic. I simply love those devices and will remain so. A reasonable Apple lover. Everything else I do on these devices links to my Google account in someway and I can’t wait for Google Me. While I drool over the iPhone 4, I might get an Android powered phone just for its feature set and sheer speed of innovation, esp the voice controls.

And like every friends group, there is a religious war between Apple and Google. I was thinking about it yesterday and this is what I found to be the difference between the two groups.

Apple products are like your girlfriend. You need to spend on her. She’s not the smartest in town. She is not adventurous. But, she understands you, knows your context and embaraces you. She makes you feel good.

Google, on the other hand is like your best work buddy or mentor. He’s up-to speed on whats happening around you, helps you fix a lot of things and makes you smarter. He is your adventure companion. Your problem solver.

Now there are some overlaps and crossovers between the two. That is quite understandable. They both want your time.

Its upto you to fall in love or get adventurous.

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