Oldspice – In a new bottle

Twitter was abuzz with Oldspice videos this week. If you didn’t hear about it, let me tell you what it is. Many celebrities on twitter received personalized messages from the twitter user @oldspice. It was later found that this was being done by a marketing team for Oldspice.??

You can watch those videos here.

RWW made a post on the making of the videos.

Alright, here is the point of this post. What did we learn from these videos? Here is what i learnt. There is a new way of marketing. Personalized marketing. This is no one time gimmick that got viral. When people see or listen to something that is told to them personally, they pay attention. If you dont believe me, trust Google’s CFO. He mentioned Oldspice in their quarterly earnings call.??

Now, these are all facts. Here are my personal thoughts. Who else can use this technique. I could think of one use case. think of a coffe bar/restaurant in San Francisco which is a place where a lot of startup and tech people go to. This waiter is a real geek who knows fellow geeks in Silicon Valley by their name, or atleast recognize their face. Imagine how Kevin Rose would feel when he walks into this restaurant and he is greeted with a “Hello Kevin, How are you? How are things at Digg?” I bet that is the best experience he is ever going to have at a restaurant and there is a relationship established right there. Kevin will talk to all his colleagues about it. People who read a lot of tech news, pay attention to who you are reading about. Because, your talent will be most wanted soon in Silicon Valley.

If I lose my current job, I could wait at a restaurant since i can recognize a few techies. Is there a business owner out there who thinks its a good idea? Let me know what you think.

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