What’s a Bargain

We had a lady who came down to clean our house today. We had promised to pay her $45 for the work. When she looked at our house, she said its gonna take more work to clean our house since it was dirty, not so surprisingly. She immediately increased her price to $60. I did not have that money with me, so I had to make a decision. To give the extra money for her service or to deny the service, or to bargain with her.

She could be trying to make extra money from me.??Is $60 expensive? Will she do it for $50?

It struck me right then. Why did I even think about the third option. Why did I think of bargaining with her. I immediately stopped contemplating and made my decision ??to pay her what she asks for. I then told myself,??

Make money from the people who can afford. Don't bargain with the poor, even if the situation is biased against you.??

This thought partially rose from a thought one of my managers told me four years ago. Saving money is good. But, making more money is a smarter play.??

There are a million ways to make money. Bargaining, in my opinion is the last method. The size of a $ is different for everyone. A Starbucks Latte to me could be dinner for her. What my maid gains is much more than what I loose. You win even while you loose.